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| Tuesday, February 28, 2012 | |
A couple of weeks ago I ordered some parts from  my friend Kyle Malinky's website Lowbrow Customs and ordered some parts I need for my Vegas machine. I ordered:

1)  Biltwell, Inc. Chromoly Seat Hinge 
2) Solo Seat Weld-On Spring Mounts
3) 1" long  3/8-16 thread Tophat Blind Threaded Steel Bung
4) 3/8"-16 x 1" length Button head bolt
5) Counterbore Steel Bungs for 3/8 Allen Head bolts 
6) and a few Allen Head bolts to tie it all together

Basically these fab parts I got in order to mount my oil tank (1" long  3/8-16 thread Tophat Blind Threaded Steel Bung and 3/8"-16 x 1" length Button head bolt), mount something to sit on (Biltwell, Inc. Chromoly Seat Hinge and Solo Seat Weld-On Spring Mounts) and make my sissy bar (Counterbore Steel Bungs for 3/8 Allen Head bolts)

Shoot ahead a week or so...

I was all set to use the Triumph tank I got from Clay at Atom Bomb Customs for picking up a donor bike for him when I inadvertently turned it upside-down. Imagine that, I'd never checked the bottom of the tank so I never realized that one of the threaded areas for the front tank mount was ripped away from the tank. Bugger!
So, I went back to Lowbrow Cutsoms and spent about a week trying to figure out what tank I wanted. I narrowed it down to their P-Nut tank, which does have a 70's style I was really wanting or their Narrow Alien Standard Motorcycle Gas Tank which is a newer style tank. I finally decided on the narrow alien tank.

I also ordered their:
1) Threaded Steel Bungs 1" long 3/8"-16 thread
2) 3/8"-16 x 3/4" length Button Head bolts
3) Bayonet / Cam HD Style Vented Gas Cap and
4) 2 1/4" NPT Straight Mini Ball Valve with Reserve.


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