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Frame is back...

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Clay had asked me a while back to pick up a donor Triumph for him since I was coming up to Richmond to get my frame.

I left Nashville at approx. 5:30 pm local time. I had no really set schedule but 5:30 was a lot later than I wanted to leave.

I got to Richmond at a little after 5am their time. I texted Clay and he said he was at the shop. He let me in and we BSed for a while before calling it a night (morning?).

He offered me his couch and I caught a couple Z's. We went back to the shop and hung out with a friend of his for a while. Then we unloaded the donor bike and I put my frame in the truck to start the drive home.

Pieces I sent to Clay at Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles.

 And here is what brought back

And a little mockup on the bed of my truck

I am very happy with Clays work and cannot wait to get my bike back together.