Fecking SNOW...

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I HATE snow!!!!

FL trip...

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Just before Christmas I won a front seat for my 55 Ford on eBay. The guy I got it from said he would not ship, so before I bid I of course looked up where he was. He is in Yulee FL about 30 mins outside Jacksonville.  Google Maps says its a 9 hour drive, right!

So, I took off from work on Fri. I had spent all week trying to figure out what vehicle to drive. Lisa's Hyundai is better on gas than my truck, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get comfortable in it. My truck is a beast on gas but it is such a pleasure to drive. Well I took my truck. I won't tell you how much I spent in gas :). 

I drove to the gas station and filled my tank for the first time since I have owned the truck. I went around the corner to the Valvoline and got an oil change. I needed a new serpentine belt so I let them replace that too. I'd rather have it be fixed than it break somewhere in Nowheresville, GA.

I finally left at around 5:30pm CST and checked into my hotel at 4am EST. After you get off I-16 the drive through GA sucks! - most of the drive is 65mph but as you get closer to small towns the speed limit drops and town it drops to 35! I takes a while to get back to 65 again because small towns aren't so small. 

I checked into my hotel at 5am Sat morning at the Comfort Inn in Yulee. The guy behind the counter was pretty cool. He dropped the weekend rate a few bucks for me because I checked in so late. I ended up asking him to extend my stay another day (check out is at 11am so they charge you for a 2nd day if you stay later than that which I find ridiculous. Just charge me for what I stay and cut out the bullshit) so I could get some sleep. I did have a long drive back after all. I checked out at 3pm after a restless sleep. 

I called Johnny from a gas station on the corner of SR 200 and U.S. 17 to get directions to where the seat was and it turns out I was 2 miles away. We loaded the seat in my truck and shot the bull for a while. Guy had an awesome array of vehicles from a 55 Ford Vicky to a late 60s Plymouth muscle car (GTX maybe) with a 440 in it.

I then headed home. I got to my door at around 2:30ish this morning. I slept really good today!

Now onto the pics;

Desolate road, Somewhere GA

Okefenokee Swamp -  if you watch the Addams Family you'll know that Gomez and Morticia honeymooned here after they got married.

Welcome to FL 

The cars in front of the shop

I found gearhead Heaven - Summit Racing's retail store in McDonough, GA - pretty sure I heard angels on high :)

I also saw a huge Bass Pro Shops near Macon GA, but I didn't get a pic of that.

BTW - the seat that I got - It needs to be reupholstered but I think I could clean it and run it as is.

Yeah, I can sit there making "Vroom Vroom" noises :D

Thank God...

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The holidays are OVER! That's all.

Well actually that's not all. Headed to Fla this weekend to pick up a seat for my 55 Ford. Pics forthcoming.
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