Old Shawneetown, IL

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We went to Old Shawneetown, IL over the weekend. I was joined by my friend Ben and his wife Debbie. We left Fri late morning. We got there later in the afternoon. We hung out for a little while, and met up with a fella named Kevin (crank yanker on the Horse board) but we needed to get our tents set up before dark. We set up our tents, then went back downtown. Downtown in Old Shawneetown is Main Street and that's about it.

There was a huge bar, Hogdaddys, that had a mechanical bull set up. Down street a bit was a homemade strip club. Basically they wanted women that were attending the event to come in and strip. This was the most packed house on the street.

The bands there were Big Gun, an AC/DC tribute band and Sharp Dressed Man, a ZZ Top tribute band. They both kicked serious ass.

We left Sunday early morning. As we were riding back my taillight bracket, taillight and tag decided they didn't want to be on my bike anymore. Sadly they disappeared. Ben and I looked for them up and down I-24 but couldn't find them. I called my girlfriend and she came out with my pickup and rescued my bike.

Pics here

this is my favorite pic

Antique car and bike show in Italy

Some really nice bikes and cars here - one captions says "most of the motos were ridden in" - imagine that - bikes RIDDEN to a show

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