Last nights pics...

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As you can see in this pic how close the bushing is to the neck area. I couldn't even get it into the triple tree

After firing up my lathe and figuring out feed speed and pretty much guessing I got this...

and now...

they fit perfectly!

Now I need to decide what risers to run

Left - weld on risers I got with the bars from Craig at Front Street Cycle
Middle - some gold flake painted 1" risers I got off the Jockey Journal swap meet
Right - risers from Biltwell Inc also from the Jockey Journal swap meet

Decisions, decisions!

Threw some chips tonight...

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Fired up my lathe for the first time tonight. My buddy Chad from Pearson Customs made me some aluminum riser bushings for the springer I got from him also. Well the CFL neck seems to be bigger than any other bike. The bottom bushings were about 1/8th" too big. So I set up my lathe to give it a shot. A little while later they were the perfect size.

Pics tomorrow :)


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You can hate the music or song but this video is sexy as hell!!!

Motorcycle content...

| Thursday, March 24, 2011 | 1 comments |
So over the past 10 years since I built my Triumph I have done a lot of changes to the frame to make things easier, better etc. Well after all that welding and cutting pieces off my frame is a bit tattered and was prety much beyond repair.

Enter my buddy Clay from Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles. I saw this post from him on the Jockey Journal where he took a shitty frame and completely rebuilt it. I've talked to Clay before so I knew he was cool. I sent him an email describing and with pics of what I wanted to do. He quoted me a price I could live with

Here are pictures he took of his work - pure motorcycle porn!

Here is my neck. Can't wait to get my own motorcycle porn ;)

Flogging Molly

| Sunday, March 6, 2011 | 1 comments |
Lisa and I went to see Flogging Molly at the War Memorial in Nashville. Best show this year! Hard to get good pics. We were supposed to be on the floor, but they shipped us upstairs and the only seats we could get were all the way in the back. I only brought my small camera. The War Memorial's security/staff could have been a lot better. Even at the Ryman where the seats are very uncomfortable the staff is much friendlier and more helpful.

Anyway here are my pics:

.357 String Band...

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Went to see the .357 String Band last night - awesome punky-bluegrassy kinda sound. 

Tonight is Flogging Molly at War Memorial.