24 hours of...

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A Christmas Story - that is all!

So this has been an interesting week...

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to say the least.

Monday and Tuesday - Lisa was in Cincinnati for work, so I got to come home early to take care of the pooch.

Wednesday - Lisa came back from Cincinnati while I was at work. I had only taken a 1/2 day though because the Koffin Kats were playing FooBar that night. They are a great psychobilly band from Detroit. I've been listening to them for a while. I got there in time to pretty much catch Shaky DeVille, Slim Chance and the Can't Hardly Playboys, and Liberty. A couple of pics of Slim Chance are in the album.

All my pics from that night are here.

Thursday night I was actually at work all night. Woohoo!

Friday morning I went to Kustom Thrills Tattoo in E. Nashville for some new ink. My buddy Chris Saint Clark did me up right. It's been 24 years since I had ink done.

Friday night I took a 1/2 night to go see Commonwealth of American Natives, Have Nots, Flatfoot 56, and The Street Dogs. So I get off work at 7. I run home to get Lisa and we stop to get something to eat. This puts us at The Muse at around 9-ish. Apparently we came in during Flatfoot 56. They were the 3rd band of 4. So basically I paid full price for 1.5 bands.

The couple of pics I got are here.

The night didn't totally suck tho. While we were at The Muse we ran into Nic Roulette and Andrew D from Hillbilly Casino, Matt and Wally C from Shakey DeVille and Wally's girl Theandra, Theo A. from Jane Rose and the Dead End Boys and his friend Chris. Nic invited us to Layla's Bluegrass Inn  to watch them jam. So we headed up to Lower Broadway. Parking is a BITCH! We drove around for like 20 mins looking for a spot. Finally we found one on Broad and went to Layla's. HBC rocked as usual.

Sat night we went to McNamara's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Donelson to hang with our friends Brian and Robin and listen to traditional Irish music. I even got them to play Lanigans Ball. I know the song as (F)lannigan's Ball from the Dropkick Murphys. Basically the same song, a great party that has gone awry.

So that was my interesting week. Hope to have more in the future.

Last night at FooBAR..

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Last night we went to see Stuck Lucky, Whiskey Daredevils, Liberty and Hillbilly Casino. What an awesome show. It was pegged as Punk & Rockabilly meet again!!! And they sure did!

As usual all the pics I took are in my Picasa album.

First band up was Stuck Lucky. They were kinda ska punk with a trombone in the mix.

Next up was the Whiskey Daredevils. These guys were really good, especially their guitarist. The lead singer was a trip with his hand gestures and facial expressions. They were a lot of fun.

Liberty is the next band up. They don't have a lot of songs yet, so they have a shorter set than the other bands. I didn't take many pics of them because I have a few already.

HBC was the last band of the evening. They rocked as usual. 'Nuff said.

We also ran into a few friends last night.

Butch  and Blackie

Robin dancing

Brian making faces at the camera (red shirt). Stanley from Bowling Green came down to hang. He's in the back with the bandanna on.

All in all we had an awesome night.

Been a while...

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since I've posted. Not a whole lot going on, just working and waiting for the holidays to be over.

Anyway, I got some new lenses for my Canon S5 from CameraWorks NW on eBay. It came with 2 lenses one telephoto and one wide angle/macro extender, adapter Tube, and 3-piece filter kit. The filter kit came with UV, Polarizing Filter, F-DL filters. I'll be trying these out here shortly and posting my results.

Tonight is Punk & Rockabilly Meet Again!!! at FooBAR with Hillbilly Casino, Stuck Lucky, Liberty and Whiskey Daredevils. Pics tonight or tomorrow

This is everything that came in the box.

Wide angle


 UV, Polarizing Filter, F-DL filters

And the adapter tube that holds it all together