New ink...

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Oh yeah. Can't believe I forgot to post this.

Got some more new ink. I've been working with Chris Saint Clark at Kustom Thrills Tattoo. In Dec I just got the Triumph logo done.

 For the next few months I tried to decide what I wanted to compliment it. So I decided to get the tank badge inked around the logo.

So here it is.

I seriously like the work and can't wait to get some more. Chris is a consummate professional and real easy to work with.

More crap pulled out...

Got some more stuff pulled out and put in the POD. This is a PITA!!! LOL. I have more shit than I really need.

Pulled all of the stuff out from under the "motorcycle table"

Still hard to tell that there's stuff missing, but it really is. :)

yeah it's hard to tell...

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but I did actually clean up some more of the garage tonight. On top of that I had to fix the locking mechanism on the PODS container. When the guy delivered it he bent it up. I took it off and bent it back the right way.

Started cleaning the garage...

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Ben and I got a lot of the heavy shit out. Ive been sick since Tuesday and that on top of my own laziness I haven't moved anything else yet. My friend Wes came over and gave me an estimate on staining the concrete floor. We talked about epoxy but for what I want to be able to do staining the floor is a better option. In order to crack the stain you actually need to crack the concrete.

We also talked about building a small room off the garage to put my new air compressor in. Wes did sound design work at one time so he knows how to soundproof the outbuilding. Don't want to piss of the neighbors at 1am LOL

Newest pics;



 the light layer of glue holding the carpet down. Wes says he has a good cleaner that'll pull that right off.

PODS - Portable On Demand Storage...

| Saturday, May 7, 2011 | 0 comments |
Got myself a PODS container so I can unclutter my garage. Might need a bigger one though LOL - Lisa says we are now Pod People. :)

Pics are kinda self-explanatory

Got on of these

To clean up all this