| Sunday, April 15, 2012 | 1 comments |
fucking fucking fuck!!! - ive been having trouble with keeping my 84 Nighthawk (more explanation in my next post) running at higher speeds - eg: I got on the interstate and got up to 70 mph and the bike stalled - got it running again, went about a mile and stalled again! Limped home and went on my trip. Go out with my wife last night and take mainly back roads except one main kinda hiway at 55 mph. got to a light and stalled. Limp back home after dinner.

Took my gas tank off today and pulled the petcock off - rust that looks like sand clogging the petcock - cleaned it all out but someone "Kreamed" the inside of the tank with bondo or something - its slathered in there - I could get a tank off "that" auction site but this tank is in such good shape other than the inside and the hole they were trying to seal with this goop in the tank.

I'll probably buy one of those tanks for now and figure out how to fix my old tank.