Some more new garage stuff (continued)

| Saturday, July 2, 2011 | |
So I posted a pic the other day of 14 bags of concrete and a mixer we rented.  Well, this is what it was for.

 Open area in back of the garage

  Making sure the form is squared.

 Form built.

Tamping the ground to be sure it's level.

 Rebar for strength.

 Drilling into the garage foundation to connect with the outside concrete.

 Rebar installed into the garage foundation.

Concrete poured. This was after the first mixer broke. When Lisa got home they went back to Home Depot to get another mixer.

 Smoothing the concrete.

Concrete almost completely smoothed out

Done! It's a pad to put my new air compressor on so it is outside and
a) not taking up room in the garage and
b) so it doesn't make noise in the garage.
Ben and I will be building a "house" for the compressor soon.


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