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| Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | |
I went and saw SCOTS tonight. Wow, what a show. I am new to SCOTS, but I've heard they put on a good show. I am so glad I went. Ran into some friends while there, like Justin, Jane and Noah, Wally from Shaky DeVille, Nic Ronny Andrew and Geoff from Hillbilly Casino, and Nick D. (who throws a kick ass party at his farm in Oct). Hillbilly Casino opened the show and as always rocked the house.

Wally told me about having a great time touring the west coast with his band.

Justin showed me a new app for taking pics on my Droid called FXCamera - it's pretty cool. It lets you take pics in fish-eye, Polaroid and toy camera.

Anyway here are my pics;

 Wally and Sarah Gayle Meech, a local singer/songwriter


Geoff and Andrew from HBC and Wally playing with himself. :)

Stage dancers


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