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| Sunday, April 17, 2011 | |
Fri night I took off from work so Lisa and I could rock at Foobar2 with Cutthroat Shamrock. Before we left I got a tweet from Third Man Records regarding Record Store Day. They said there were still tickets available for Jerry Lee Lewis. I knew there was going to be a special guest there but I didn't know who. So I jumped on the internet and double checked Third Man Records website and there it was:

"Due to outrageously high demand for our sold out Jerry Lee Lewis show / Live LP taping on Record Store Day, we have decided to move the whole concert (grand piano, LJ and all) from our venue inside Third Man outside for a Third Man Record Store Day block party!"

Wow! This would be the 3rd original rock and roller I'd get to see in like 2 years (Little Richard and Wanda Jackson respectively). So I placed my order for 2 tix so Lisa and I could go.

So we show up on time, but while texting our friends Justin and Mo, things weren't looking good. They told me  that inside sources were saying it was too cold for JLL to play. It was a miserable day. It was 51 degrees and overcast. I'd been fighting a cold for 2 days before that so I was pretty miserable myself. While standing in the info line I saw Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen walk by.

We saw a guy that works at Third Man (you can't miss these people, they all wear yellow with buttons that say TMR on them etc.) who came by and was answering questions. He said that they were postponing Jerry Lee until today at 1pm but it would be in our best interest to get there at between 11 and noon. So I got up early this morning and we shuffled our asses downtown.

Today was a GORGEOUS day, perfect for one of the kings of rock-and-roll to play - 71 and sunny. We got our wrist bands and then we got in a little while later.

About 40 minutes later Jerry Lee came out and sat down at the piano. All I can say for a 75 year old man he still rocks! He played a few songs I don't know and then he played Great Balls of Fire and Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. This was a live LP taping so he didn't have a lot of time to play. I think the whole show was about an hour. He could have played for 15 mins and I'd have been happy just to say I'd seen him. He said he needed a drink and wanted a Sprite. He said he loves Coca-Cola but the doctors say it's bad for his kidneys, then he shrugged. Edward James Olmos gave him a Sprite onstage. Yeah, this is Nashville. There are stars everywhere :).

Here are my pics from today


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