Been a while...

| Saturday, December 4, 2010 | |
since I've posted. Not a whole lot going on, just working and waiting for the holidays to be over.

Anyway, I got some new lenses for my Canon S5 from CameraWorks NW on eBay. It came with 2 lenses one telephoto and one wide angle/macro extender, adapter Tube, and 3-piece filter kit. The filter kit came with UV, Polarizing Filter, F-DL filters. I'll be trying these out here shortly and posting my results.

Tonight is Punk & Rockabilly Meet Again!!! at FooBAR with Hillbilly Casino, Stuck Lucky, Liberty and Whiskey Daredevils. Pics tonight or tomorrow

This is everything that came in the box.

Wide angle


 UV, Polarizing Filter, F-DL filters

And the adapter tube that holds it all together 


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