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Been a while since I've updated. I have since traded off my WCC CFL frame to my buddy Boosted Brad for a Kraft\Tech 180 rear Softail frame.

Pics I took yesterday...

 Motor and transmission are in. I'm deciding on sheetmetal. I'llbe bringing it home next week to plumb and wire it and see if I can get it to start. PSYCHED!!! :)
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Hoowee! it's been a minute since I've updated hasn't it.

OK - I promise, tonight I'll do a good blog post updating everything in the past 6 months :)

Here's a teaser though.


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fucking fucking fuck!!! - ive been having trouble with keeping my 84 Nighthawk (more explanation in my next post) running at higher speeds - eg: I got on the interstate and got up to 70 mph and the bike stalled - got it running again, went about a mile and stalled again! Limped home and went on my trip. Go out with my wife last night and take mainly back roads except one main kinda hiway at 55 mph. got to a light and stalled. Limp back home after dinner.

Took my gas tank off today and pulled the petcock off - rust that looks like sand clogging the petcock - cleaned it all out but someone "Kreamed" the inside of the tank with bondo or something - its slathered in there - I could get a tank off "that" auction site but this tank is in such good shape other than the inside and the hole they were trying to seal with this goop in the tank.

I'll probably buy one of those tanks for now and figure out how to fix my old tank.

I need more tools....apparently

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So, Im working on putting that sweet new alien tank on my bike and holy crap, this is difficult when you don't have the right tools.  For example:

1) I started drilling 3/4" holes in the backbone to weld threaded bungs into. I center-punched where the tank tabs would be and started off with small drills progressively moving up. It went well all the way up my regular drills. I then switched over to a uni-bit and continued on until I realized that the uni-bit was longer than the backbone tube is deep. No sweat, I'll research 3/4" drill bits with 1/2" shanks. Well I found out they exist and I bought one at Home Depot. Sadly when I got home I realized my drill is a 3/8" chuck. Back to Home Depot for a new drill. Got a Black and Decker 1/2" chuck drill. Tried drilling with it and I guess I need to step up in drill sizes like the uni-bit because that fucker will not drill!!! Ok, I can run to the store on Friday and pick up in-between size drills.

2)  Well, it's still early and I'm a bit depressed because I can't drill my holes. So, I'll fire up my oxy/acetylene torch and cut the footpeg mounts of my old frame. Started to cut the 1st one off. I was able to hit it with my hammer and get it to come off. At that time I realized I was out of oxygen. So it's back to Tractor Supply this weekend to refill the oxygen tank.

I'm going to bed. I have pics to post, but I'll do that tomorrow.

New parts from Lowbrow Customs...

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A couple of weeks ago I ordered some parts from  my friend Kyle Malinky's website Lowbrow Customs and ordered some parts I need for my Vegas machine. I ordered:

1)  Biltwell, Inc. Chromoly Seat Hinge 
2) Solo Seat Weld-On Spring Mounts
3) 1" long  3/8-16 thread Tophat Blind Threaded Steel Bung
4) 3/8"-16 x 1" length Button head bolt
5) Counterbore Steel Bungs for 3/8 Allen Head bolts 
6) and a few Allen Head bolts to tie it all together

Basically these fab parts I got in order to mount my oil tank (1" long  3/8-16 thread Tophat Blind Threaded Steel Bung and 3/8"-16 x 1" length Button head bolt), mount something to sit on (Biltwell, Inc. Chromoly Seat Hinge and Solo Seat Weld-On Spring Mounts) and make my sissy bar (Counterbore Steel Bungs for 3/8 Allen Head bolts)

Shoot ahead a week or so...

I was all set to use the Triumph tank I got from Clay at Atom Bomb Customs for picking up a donor bike for him when I inadvertently turned it upside-down. Imagine that, I'd never checked the bottom of the tank so I never realized that one of the threaded areas for the front tank mount was ripped away from the tank. Bugger!
So, I went back to Lowbrow Cutsoms and spent about a week trying to figure out what tank I wanted. I narrowed it down to their P-Nut tank, which does have a 70's style I was really wanting or their Narrow Alien Standard Motorcycle Gas Tank which is a newer style tank. I finally decided on the narrow alien tank.

I also ordered their:
1) Threaded Steel Bungs 1" long 3/8"-16 thread
2) 3/8"-16 x 3/4" length Button Head bolts
3) Bayonet / Cam HD Style Vented Gas Cap and
4) 2 1/4" NPT Straight Mini Ball Valve with Reserve.

New sissy bar....

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Well the beginning of one - This is 8 ft of 1/2" 1018 Cold Finish Mild Steel Round Bar -stay tuned for more pics of my building it